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iPad water damage repair dubai

Professional iPad Water Damage Repair in Dubai

Apple uses the best technology to design their product either its iPad or iPhone water damage or Macbook water damage but it’s still not possible to prevent the devices from liquid. If you are looking for Ipad Water Damage repair in Dubai. Contact the Speed Falcon as we have a team of certified technicians who can easily fix this issue. If your iPad or iPhone is water damaged. Do not try to use any homemade solutions. Just switch off your device and contact the speed falcon.

If you keep using that, the water will reach out to the main board of the device and it can damage some serious components that may cost you much. Contact the Speed Falcon and get it fixed as per Apple’s standard and at an affordable cost.

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Damage symptom of water damage:

If you accidentally dropped your device in Water or it had contact with any kind of liquid. It may not show any type of instant symptom. Apple’s devices have water detection sensors. For any kind of minor issues, it will be activated automatically and you will get the notification on your screen. Here are some common symptoms that you may face after your Ipad is damaged by water:

  • Corrosion and Discoloration
  • Fuzzy growth on the charging set, headset, SIM, or memory port.
  • Moisture under the display screen.

Apart from all these, the volume button and microphone may not be working correctly as they should work. Your device’s touch may work slower than usual. In case of Water Damage, just turn off your device and contact Speed Falcon for the Ipad Water Damage repair in Dubai and get it done as per Apple’s standard.

How much does it cost to fix a water-damaged iPad?

The cost of iPad Water Damage repair in Dubai depends on the level of damage. The team of speed falcon will examine your device properly. If any part of the device has not been damaged, it can be done at as less a price as you can’t think. But, in the case of extremely water-damaged iPad, we usually see issues with the Microphone, speakers, charging ports, etc.

On average it can be repaired between 100AED to 500AED or even more depending upon the damage. It would be better to contact the Speed Falcon and get your device examined properly and find out the level of damage.

How much time will it take to repair?

The time for repairing also depends on the level of damage. If it has any minor issues, it can be done in no time. But, we Speed Falcon, first, examine your device properly and find out the issues that your device has due to the water. Only then, we opt to repair On average, an Ipad or iPhone which is water-damaged can be fixed in 1-3 days depending upon the level of damage.

The Speed Falcon technicians have a team of certified technicians who offers services as per apple’s standard. You should never opt for any inexperienced technicians, it is hardly possible for any inexperienced technician to fix the damages of an Ipad or iPhone.

What should you not do, when your iPad gets exposed to water?

If your Ipad is exposed to water, you must follow the mentioned guidelines to prevent any serious damage to your device.


  • Wipe out your Ipad from a Dry cotton cloth and leave it to dry properly for at least 24 hours.
  • Try it switch it on, and see if everything is working fine or not.
  • If everything is working fine, then contact the expert technicians to get it checked properly (Sometimes water damages the part when it comes to use).


  • You must not try that well-known DIY rice hack. The hack hardly ever works. It will even put some extra dirt on your device’s slot.
  • Don’t shake your device in order to remove water, It will move the liquid everywhere around.
  • Don’t put it to charge, if the water is there in the logic, it may have short-circuited.
  • Don’t use the heat dryer to get it dry. The heat from the dryer can damage sensitive hardware parts.
  • Don’t try to fix it yourself by watching online videos. You may make it even worst.

For iPad Water Damage repair in Dubai. Just contact the Speed Falcon and get it repaired up to the standard of Apple.