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iphone water damage repair dubai

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Dubai

There are many companies in Dubai that offer iPhone repair. But, this phone is different from other phones; it is not possible for every technician to fix it better. If your iPhone is got damaged due to water, there are multiple reasons that can be behind iPhone Water Damage, It may happen to anyone. The reasons can be like:

  • Spilled water on your iPhone
  • Spilled some coffee on your iPhone
  • Your iPhone was exposed to liquid
  • You went swimming with your iPhone
  • Water was spilled on your iPhone etc and more.

There is nothing to worry about, it is repairable, and you just need to find a better-experienced technician in this field. Contact Speed Falcon, we have a team of certified technicians who have decades of experience in just iPhone repair. Fixing an iPhone is an easy process for us. We are the one in Dubai that offers services as per Apple’s Standards. Contact Speed Falcon to get the best services.

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Damage symptom of water damage

Well, it is hard to mention the exact symptoms of iPhone Water Damage and how it would react, etc. Here are some common symptoms that have been found in most IPhones after Water Damage.

Power and Start-up Issue: These are the very initial symptoms of iPhone Water Damage. Your Phone may get restarted without letting you know. This process is also known as Boot Loops.

Hardware Failure: In this case, your speaker, and microphone may stop working or not work properly.

Warning Message: Your System will also give some sort of warning. Your charger may not work properly.

Application Issues: Applications like Safari Browser, email, and other programs open and close most spontaneously.

Checking Accessible Liquid Indicators: In order to check the iPhone’s liquid indicator, shine a flashlight and look inside the charging jack or headphone jack, etc.

These are the symptoms of iPhone water damage. Do not attempt to fix it by yourself. You might end up losing your phone.

How much does it cost to fix a water-damaged iPhone?

The Costing depends on a number of factors like the damage level of an iPhone, the Overall working hours it needs, and whether is there any part for replacement or not. It is hard to mention the exact the costing without a proper examination of the phone. Contact Speed Falcon and get it repaired by certified technicians at an affordable cost.

We are the one in Dubai that offers services as per apple’s standard and at an affordable cost. There are no extra charges for our services, we just charge for our work and nothing else. That’s the reason, we are super affordable.

How much time will it take to repair?

The time of repair also depends on the level of damage. Most of the time, our clients get same-day delivery. But, if the condition is critical, we may take somewhere between 1 to 7 days to get it delivered to you. As you may know that it needs a lot of technical work and it cannot be performed in hurry. In critical conditions, our technicians may take time but deliver the finest result as per apple’s standard.

What should you not do, when your iPhone gets exposed to water?

Well, people take water damage very lightly. If you force your phone to start or try hard to make it work as earlier after water damage. You may end up losing your phone. Here are some points that you must consider after your iPhone gets water damaged:

  • Do not turn on your iPhone.
  • Do not blow dry your iPhone immediately.
  • Remove its SIM Card
  • Wipe its exterior
  • Place it in a dry place
  • Dry it with Silica Gel Packet
  • Place it in uncooked rice
  • Use a hair dryer (if it has a cool hair setting)
  • Ask tech genius to dismantle it
  • Or just contact Speed Falcon and get it repaired at best.

The Speed Falcon is the one in Dubai that offers the finest iPhone repair, contact us and get it done at best.