About us

The Speed Falcon among the finest services provider based in Dubai, UAE. close to the Astoria Hotel. Our organization offers every kind of repair. We handle each and every authentic brand. We have professional technicians who provide high-quality repairing services.

It is understood that technological units are inclined to mechanical failure, software corruption, or hardware damage. We know this is not easy to pick out the real cause of the technical failure of a device. There can be so many viable motives for a failure, it is unluckily easy to get the wrong advice and give up paying a lot greater for a simple repair.

  • That is why we offer a full diagnosis and repair service. You do not need to spend time finding out why your tech is faulty.
  • We will help you to diagnose that and bring you the solution.
  • You may contact us anytime for Data Recovery, Computer Repairing, Smartphone Repairing, Printer Repairing, Other Electronics repairs, and Electronics recovery.
  • Our priority is to complete your tech problem request at the agreed time, and for us, customer satisfaction is the main object to achieve.

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Tips to stay safe from COVID-19

Maintain a physical distance of 2 meters (6 feet) from others. Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and sanitize them often. Wear simple masks and gloves when stepping in Speed Falcon. Avoid greeting people by shaking their hands or hugging or kissing them. Don’t touch your face; particularly your eyes, nose, and mouth. Follow healthy behavior when coughing or sneezing.