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macbook power jack repair dubai

MacBook Power Jack Repair Dubai

The Power Jack is one of the most important parts of any system. Due to dust and dirt inside the power jack it gets damaged and stops working properly. Well, this can trouble a user most. Well, the repair can be done easily. There are a number of companies that provide MacBook Power Jack repair in Dubai. Well, one has to choose a company that could provide Apple’s standard services at an easy and affordable cost.

The Speed Falcon is a reputed company for MacBook repair in Dubai. We have a team of certified technicians who have decades of experience in this particular field. We are one in Dubai who provides world-class repairing services at an affordable cost. Contact us to get your MacBook Power Jack repaired by the best technicians around Dubai.

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MacBook Power Jack Replacement Dubai

The MacBook stands for the finest laptop in the segment. It is not possible for any inexperienced to repair. If your MacBook Power Jack is not working, it can be fixed by repairing or if the condition is worse, the replacement is another option. Well, Make sure to choose a technician who could guide you throughout the process and provide you with better and more effective service.

The replacement may be costly as compared to repairing; sometimes one gets better results with just repairing. Contact speed falcon technician who will fix your power jack issues either by replacement or with just repairing. The technician of Speed Falcon works as per Apple’s standard and provides world-class MacBook repair in Dubai. Let us know to get an easy and most affordable service.

MacBook Power Jack Reasons of Failure:

There can be multiple reasons behind a MacBook Power Jack Failure. Out of all the reasons, overheating is a very common issue and a MacBook prevents the battery from charging in case of overheating. Here is the list of some other reasons that may be behind your laptop not charging or having power jack issues:

  • Mechanical damage due to shock or falls of equipment.
  • Sharp jerks over the wire of the power supply.
  • Carrying a laptop with a charger hanging freely in the socket.
  • Poor soldering quality.
  • Overheating
  • Fault in the SMC
  • Damages Port
  • Damages Magsafe Power Cable.

Well, these are some common reasons that are often happening with the system and cause pack jack failure. Whatever the reasons are, the solution is one, Contact speed falcon and get your MacBook repaired in Dubai by the best technicians at an easy and affordable cost.

How much does it cost to replace a Mac charging port?

Well, if your system is under warranty, you can contact the authorised service centre to get it repaired for free. But, if it’s out of warranty, you can opt for third party service centres that may cost you somewhere between 70$ to 200$ depending upon the condition and level of difficulty. It also depends on the company; some charge less, while some charge more for the same work. Contact Speed Falcon to get it done at an affordable cost.

How do I know if my laptop power jack is bad?

If your laptop is not charging as well as usual or having any issues in charging. First, check the charging wire from one side to another. Here are some reasons that indicate that your laptop’s power jack is not in good condition.

  • The Power Flickers On and Off.
  • If it works at some specific angle.
  • If you are feeling a light current in your jack while it’s connected.