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laptop led repair dubai

Laptop LED Repair Dubai

If your led gets damaged or maybe fused my recommendation would be not to delay it and immediately talk to our technicians to avoid further damage. LED is the backlight diode that gets fused due to some internal technical issues or maybe if a laptop slips from your hands unluckily.

LEDs are more energy-efficient and they usually serve longer than CFLs so the new laptops are made of them. Delaying it for a longer time may completely damage your LED which would result in replacement rather than repairment of it. You must always hire the best technician for Laptop Service or Laptop repair in Dubai.

What do we repair in led parts?

We repair the following parts of the laptop:

Led Panel
Led backlight
Led Keyboard, etc.

Laptop Led Panel Repair

Well, the led panel is made with several key components such as LCD controller driver, interface board, CCFL inverter board which gives backlight, SMPS connection, LCD panel and interface cables. Well, most of the time it’s hard to repair the led due to its complexity, also the cost can be more for repairs than what you can get in less amount after replacement.

In this case, you shouldn’t worry about the issue, our skilled technician will look into it first, then assure it, if it is repairable then definitely repair it, otherwise, we’ll suggest you replace the led with the new one and that too at an affordable price. You must choose the experts for the laptop service or Laptop repair in Dubai as a minor fault while repairing can be the reason for a laptop dead.

Laptop led backlight repair

Almost every part of the laptop is repairable, One just needs to hire the best and certified technician who has good experience in that particular field. The Laptop LED backlight repair can be done at the Speed Falcon under the guidance of experienced technicians. Most of the time, because of the specks of dust that laptops LED backlights stop working. In some cases, it may not be repairable but our technician will definitely find a way to fix that problem and if that is not repairable they will replace it.

Laptop Led Keyboard Repair

The laptop keyboard is something that is used a bit roughly. Most of the time the laptop keyboard’s key comes out or some keys may not be working. These are some common problems that can occur on any laptop.

At the Speed Falcon, it is repairable as well as replaceable but we will do what is best for you. The cost of laptop repair in Dubai is less as compared to the replacement. But sometimes repairing doesn’t work and one has to go for the replacement. Speed Falcon has Certified and very experienced technicians who will easily repair your laptop’s keyboard within a short span of time.

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Laptop LED Backlight repairing Cost

The Cost of Laptop Repair or Service in Dubai can not be explained. The cost of repairing a laptop or any other gadget depends on many factors. The Costs includes: Materials used while repairing, the technician works, number of hours it takes etc.

To get the exact costing of any repair or replacement, one should visit the centre or can also contact online to get a rough idea about the cost. The exact costing can be only told once the work is done. The cost at the Speed Falcon is very nominal and one just needs to pay for the work and nothing else.

Laptop Led Repair Near me:

Almost every city has a laptop repair or laptop service centre in Dubai. Well, one should always choose the best and certified technician for the service. But the speed falcon is located in bur Dubai. One can easily reach us by metro or by land transport. Here is the exact address of our shop:

Address: Shop 19, Al Bayat Center, Burdubai Near Astoria Hotel – Dubai
Phone: +971 52 411 5947
Landline: +971 4 329 9283

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Repairing is an art and it should be done by experts only. A professional technician will give a better touch to your laptop.

It is hard to mention the exact cost of fixing a Laptop LED Screen. Costing depends on many factors like the cost of a brand that is used, technician charges etc.

No, A broken or cracked screen cannot be fixed. Replacing is the only option.

laptop led repair bur dubai