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iphone motherboard repair dubai

iPhone Motherboard Repair Dubai

Well, that is after you have to be compelled to diagnose if your phone’s motherboard is damaged or if it’s some different software/hardware functions taking part in a prank on you. Motherboard harm may be a heartrending issue, most likely love losing the smartphone itself or obtaining it damaged completely. The explanation is, it carries each different part on the device and it cost you too much to exchange if your phone is out of warranty.

The motherboard holds each crucial part/component of your device. Talk to the storage, processor, camera, RAM, wireless networks, external ports, and different peripherals that conjure your device all of them are soldered/connected to the motherboard in one way or the opposite. It is not possible at all for an inexperienced technician to repair it.

Contact Speed Falcon who has a team of certified technicians with over decades of experience in the field. We are the best iPhone repair experts in Dubai that offer services as per apple’s standard and also at an affordable cost. Contact us and get your iPhone back in its original condition.

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What are the signs of an iPhone motherboard failure?

First of all, if your IPhone’s Motherboard has any issues, your phone will give you some shorts of signal which would be enough to guess that the motherboard has an issue. Here are also some issues that have been faced by most of the users:

  • Your phone won’t turn on by any means, even with the charger plugged in
  • Your phone won’t turn on after switching the battery
  • Your phone turns on but the screen won’t show anything
  • Your phone restarts sporadically
  • When some hardware functions of the device start to misbehave etc.

It is not possible to find out the exact issues in the motherboard without proper examination. Contact Speed Falcon and get it fixed at easy.