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laptop ram upgrade dubai

Laptop Ram Upgrade Dubai

Well, upgradation in any part is always appreciable, the same in laptop/desktop case. It totally depends upon the user and their uses. Well, upgrading ram is definitely gonna help you in the present or future time. Well, upgrading ram is not a cup of tea, where you pour water, tea, milk, sugar and it’s done. It requires proper attention while upgrading and for that, you need a qualified technician who is good in Laptop Services or Laptop repair in Dubai.

Having good ram makes your computer run smoothly and helps to stop hanging while performing multiple functions at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you use 8GB Ram or 16g Ram or 32GB Ram or even using DDR4 Ram. The Quality of Ram would always matter.

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Laptop Ram Replacement in Dubai

The RAM plays an important role in your computer or laptop. If you have a laptop or Computer which is older and does not work as fast as your work. You have an option of laptop Ram Replacement in Dubai. You can replace your RAM or upgrade that from 16GB Ram to 32GB RAM or 8GB Ram to 16GB Ram. It will make your computer or laptop work smoother and fast. You can work in multiple tabs at the same time.

The RAM can be easily replaced. One just needs to hire the best technician who has good experience and can perform this work easily and smoothly. Contact Speed falcon Technicians to get it done by the best technicians in Dubai.

What Causes a RAM failure?

There are several reasons for RAM failures. If your laptop has overheating issues, It can damage your RAM as well as your motherboard. This is one of the most common problems that cause RAM Failure. But, If you have good quality RAM, It may suffer for a while. Here are the following reasons that can cause RAM Failure

  • Heat
  • Bad Power Supply or power surges
  • Cheap motherboards with blown capacitors
  • Overclocking
  • Poor RAM Quality
  • Failing/faulty memory controller/motherboard.

One should remove the RAM while your system is ON. This act can also Cause RAM Failure. Without proper knowledge about it, One should not touch any internal part of the laptop. Always give it to the technician. Every part of laptops are expensive, A minor problem can cost you much.

How Do I Fix Corrupted RAM?

The RAM is a very sensitive part of the laptop among all other parts. A minor force can damage your RAM Permanently. Well, there is no proper or defined process to fix corrupted RAM. If your RAM is not working, You can open your laptop body and remove RAM Safely and check that RAM is another system. If still not working, Check the Memory Slot and remove specks of dust, Make sure your RAM is not heating while you pick out. A heating effect can damage your RAM permanently.

There is basically no way to fix the corrupted RAM. But, you do the following as said above to make sure that your RAM has Fault, not your system. Sometimes, The Laptop has issues related to compatibility and people think that their RAM is corrupted, Sometimes, Laptop Jacks become loose and this may also result in RAM Failure.

Can Faulty RAM Cause No Display?

Yes, It may cause no display. You might know that the laptop has two slots for RAM. Most of the people are using two rams of 8GB each or 16GB RAM each or maybe 32GB RAM each. If one RAM gets Damaged, It may cause No display. But you can remove the Damaged RAM and make your system run on a single RAM but your system will work slowly

In 90% of cases, No display cases happen. If you are using DDR4 Ram or Single RAM, before no display, your system will get slow, the Applications won’t work and your web browser will become slower and you won’t be able to perform any minor task. You must contact the best laptop services in Dubai or Laptop repair in Dubai to get your work done smoothly.

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Almost every city has a technician for the Laptop services in Dubai. You need the best Technician who is certified and well experienced in this particular work and can perform your work easily, quickly and smoothly. Well, You can contact the Speed Falcon for your Laptop repair in Dubai. We have a team of certified and very experienced technicians who can fix any laptop related problems. For any laptop related problems, please let us know. We would be happy to help you. You can contact us through given mobile number or can reach on the given address below:

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