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laptop hdmi repair dubai

Laptop HDMI Repair Dubai

If you have tested your cable and failed many times then it’s time to seek professional help.
Nowadays HDMI connection wire is widely used in many areas, it helps you to connect with your laptop, working projector, satellite boxes and so on, also it is used in many places as well such as in theatres.

Using HDMI gives you high-quality output, but what if it stops working? It may ruin your important time, just look out for skilled technician help, they will help you in no matter of time.

Get Your Problem Fixed!

Are you looking out for a quick solution to fix your devices? No matter whatever the brand you have, no matter whatever the problem you have. Speed Falcon is competent to solve your any issue in no time, kindly call us now on the given button below, or just fill out this form so that we can call you back quickly.

How Do I Fix the HDMI Port on my Laptop?

In case of any software related issues, It can be fixed at home. The laptop driver is the most common issue in HDMI ports.

  • Restart and reconnect your device.
  • Just re-install the Laptop driver and shut down your system for 5 mins and then start again.
  • Make sure that the HDMI port is compatible with the device that you are trying to connect with.
  • Configure your laptop display settings.
  • Remove recently installed software.
  • Set your HDMI device as the default device
  • Check a hardware problem.

These are some ways to fix your HDMI port at home if not working. Well, If still not working, you can contact the speed falcon technicians to get it fixed. Speed Falcon has a team of certified and experienced technicians who can fix this in no time.

Can the HDMI Port be Repaired?

Almost every part of the laptop is repairable, Some parts that can not be repaired that can be replaced with a new one. The HDMI port is repairable and can be repaired easily by the best technicians of Speed falcon in Dubai.

How much does it cost to fix a broken HDMI port?

There are many brands available in the market, If it is broken from outside, it may be repairable. The repair won’t cost you much but in case of replacement, the cost may be a bit more. At the speed falcon, the costing has been kept very genuine and one just has to pay for the work and nothing else.

Why is my laptop HDMI not working?

There are many reasons behind why your HDMI port is not working. The specks of dust and Moisture is one of the most common reasons behind it not working. Well, If you have any software related issues, They can be easily fixed at home. Here are some problems that may have occurred:

  • It may have Graphic driver related issues
  • Troubleshoot Hardware issues
  • Your HDMI may not be compatible with that device
  • Configure your laptop display settings.
  • Check your HDMI cable connection
  • Try a different power-up sequence for your component etc

Can you replace an HDMI port on a laptop?

Yes, The HDMI port of any laptop can be replaced. One just needs to hire the best technician for this work who has good experience in this work. It can not be done at home. You can contact Speed Falcon for the best laptop services in Dubai.